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"wine with coffee" Luckin Coffee

Date:2023-09-05        Clicks:618

   A Moutai-flavored latte was launched on Monday by domestic coffee chain Luckin Coffee in partnership with Kweichow Moutai, the leading liquor producer in the nation.The 53 degrees Moutai latte, which came in iconic    Moutai packaging and had less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, quickly rose to the top of the most talked-about topics on Chinese social media. Many people were intrigued by the idea of mixing coffee with the traditional Chinese white liquor, or baijiu.

  Before midday, some Luckin branches  quickly sold out of their Moutai-flavored latte, and many of the shops had to close their online ordering systems as orders for the drink surged.

"It seems that people prefer iced latte, so we quickly used up the ice at the branch. The number of orders was scary," she said.

 She said she had no choice but to temporarily close the branch's online ordering system at around 1:30 pm because there were more than 200 orders to be completed, nearly all of them being the Moutai-flavored lattes.

  People then started to share their reactions after trying the latte on social media. Most people agreed that the aroma of the white liquor is very strong. And while some people said they can taste the flavor of the liquor but not the actual alcohol, others said that they clearly felt dizzy after drinking the coffee.

 Meanwhile, people also raised the question about if they are allowed to drive after drinking Moutai-flavored latte. Luckin stated that underage people, pregnant women, drivers and those who are allergic to alcohol are advised not to order the drink. 

 Do you have any other recommended Chinese style specialty coffee?  

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