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Chushu,The end of Summer

Date:2023-08-23        Clicks:990

  The end of summer is marked by a special time known as "Chushu" in Chinese culture. Chushu, also known as "the arrival of autumn" or "the end of heat," is the 14th solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, falling on September 7th or 8th. During this time, people can gradually feel the cooling weather and the subtle changes in nature.

   Chushu is seen as a transitional period, bridging the hot days of summer with the crispness of autumn. It signifies that summer heat is starting to fade away, giving way to milder temperatures. In traditional Chinese medicine, Chushu is considered a critical time for health maintenance. It is believed that the body's yang energy, which represents warmth and activity, begins to transition into yin energy, symbolizing coolness and rest. People adjust their diet and lifestyle to adapt to this change and support their well-being.

   During Chushu, people often make some adjustments to their diet. For example, they opt for lighter foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. This helps to cool down the body and prevent heat-related illnesses. Additionally, it is common for people to eat traditional tonic foods such as ginseng or goji berries to strengthen their qi (energy) and prepare the body for the upcoming season.

   Besides dietary adjustments, Chushu is also a time when people engage in outdoor activities to enjoy the pleasant weather. It is a popular time for hiking, picnicking, and appreciating the vibrant colors of nature. Many parks and gardens organize events and festivals during this period, offering opportunities for people to relax and reconnect with nature.

   In Chinese poetry and literature, Chushu is often associated with the nostalgic feelings of parting with summer. Writers often depict the beauty of the autumn scenery and express their emotions towards the passing of time. These artistic expressions highlight the unique charm and sentiments of this season.

   Chushu serves as a reminder that change is a natural part of life. As the warmth of summer gives way to the coolness of autumn, we are reminded to embrace the cycle of seasons and appreciate the beauty each one brings. So, during Chushu, let us savor the last moments of summer and eagerly await the arrival of fall.

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